This page is going to be for any furniture projects i do or kitchen units, also anything a bit different from the norm :)

20150106_104236 20150106_114511 20150107_115002 20150106_131111 20150107_114911

I used wallpaper to transform this plain looking coffee table into something a bit more eye chatching :)

I finished by spraying 4 coats of waterproof lacquer on for a perfect factory finish look, also gives great protection against spilt drinks and scratches :)


A customer asked if i could do anything with their old flaky stool, so i striped it and used a antique pine stain to make it look nice and rustic. They were very happy with their renewed stool :)

20150614_175138 20150826_094047 20150826_111621

Some furniture I worked on bringing it from cream and pine to pure brilliant white eggshell.

20150916_142155 20160217_120003 20160218_112139 20160218_115414 20180426_102331 20180430_133914

This customer wanted the wardrobe the same blue to match the walls but with added glitter to make it sparkle.  Not easy to see the glitter in the photo but worked well and as you walk around it the light shimmers off it making it sparkle :)