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::I have a wide range of ladders available to reach any hight, and if needed i have a lot of experience using towers::

::Heres a lovely cottage i worked on in stoke by clare a pleasure to work on such an old building dates back to 1451.  finished in sandtex brilliant white and Bdec black barn paint::

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Below is an outside i did in a valspar colour match system, this is where you can pic a colour from literally anything and have it scanned and mixed up in valspar exterior or interior paint. This was a very flaky job so after a lot of scrapping down i used Sandtex stabiliser to make the walls sound before applying two coats of valspar, a very hard wearing and weatherproof product for a fantastic finish.

20160419_105242 20160422_111942

::Below a nice change from pebble dash to paint, finished in valspar colour matched masonry paint::


::Above is another example of a conservatory i had to bridge with two towers and a platform works a treat :) finished in sandtex cornish cream::

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